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Sacrificing Needs For Needs

Have you ever had to sacrifice something you desperately needed to survive for something else you needed for survival? Like maybe, food on the table for gas to get to work? Have you ever had to make the decision to walk to work while having a car outside of your home but, your children needed dinner for the night and you were down to your last $7? Or maybe, you had a disconnection notice scheduled for the same day as your doctors appointment and you didn’t have insurance to cover it? Or maybe your child outgrew their shoes but all you had was enough money to pay the rent? Have you ever had to make a lifestyle of robbing Peter to pay Paul? And then eventually, you became so far behind and delinquent on every bill that you crawled into a whole and you didn’t know how you were gonna climb out? Have you ever had your family to judge and look down on you because you could never get ahead in life? But they didn’t quite understand your decisions and sacrifices you had to make for you and your children to stay afloat to keep from drowning. They didn’t quite understand because they were never put in those situations to know why you made the choices you made. They begin to look down on you and speak so negative about your struggle from they’re perspective. They would speak so badly about you that they began to have others looking at you like a total failure. Not knowing that this particular struggle came to create strength in certain areas and discipline when it came to finances. It taught patience and humbleness. And most importantly it built faith. Faith is believing without seeing. Have you ever had to quit a job that paid great money and had excellent benefits? all because you didn’t have anyone to help you with your children? Or maybe you had help with the children, but the babysitter practically let your children raise themselves? So for the sake of your children headed to self destruction, you quit your job for another job that paid less with no benefits. Sometimes in life, we’re forced to make decisions that we can only make through prayer and believing that something better is sure to come. There comes a point in life where you become sick and tired of the same struggle. And you make the decision to get in a position to never go through it again. Like going back to school in the evenings and working a 9-5 to support your family. Sometimes you have to block out all distractions and get focused and strategic about the things that are top priority for your life. You have to drown out all the chaos and confusion. Let those who hate you be your motivation to be great. You have to replace your enemies with your destiny. Enemies are a distraction from the calling God has on your life. You have no room for distractions. No room for procrastinations. Are we being good stewards of the time God has given us? Are we truly maximizing our lives to our full potential? We are all guilty of wasting time. God puts us in struggle seasons for his glory in the end. He wont put more on us than we can bare. But it’s up to us to decide if we’re willing to come out of it, or if we choose to stay there. At times, he keep us in the struggle until we learn the lesson that was taught to us in order for us to go into the next level and receive our blessing. Have you ever heard the saying ” New Level, New Devil”? It’s kind of like the game Mario Brothers. Where you pass all the boards and then you have to fight the ultimate battle with the enemy and you must defeat him before you can go to the next level. But staying focused is the key. How badly you want it will determine how far you’ll make it and how successful you’ll become. The choice is totally up to you. Will you decide to stay in struggle season, or will you come out on the winning side?


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