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Addiction is the condition of being physically and mentally dependent on a particular substance, and unable to stop taking it without incurring adverse effects. Synonyms; dependency, habit, problem

Have you ever had an addiction? I mean the kind of addiction that seems impossible to break? The ones that begins to destroy your life? The ones that destroy families? The ones that cause you to think about nothing but the addiction itself? The ones that are hard for your family members to accept? The ones that cause you to do any and everything to feed it. No matter who or what it affects. Addictions take control of your mind. Are addictions really a mental thing? If so, why are they so hard to break and rid? Is it human nature for us to experience addictions? Why is addiction so powerful? We often see commercials or ads about drug addiction and interventions about alcohol abusers. But what about the other addictions we don’t quite recognize to be addictions? Just to name a few, those like money addictions, love addictions, pain addictions, disappointment addiction, being in control, people addictions, or Struggle addictions?

Sometimes we get so tied up with having money that we don’t care where it comes from or what we have to do to get it. We don’t even think about who we hurt in the process of us getting money. Like the drug dealer serving his best friend’s mother or daughter. But are selfish because they would lose all respect for someone if they helped by feeding their family addictions and bad habits. Or maybe someone owed them a large amount of money, and the cost of what they owed them equaled to their life. Because money controlled their minds and their world. Or maybe the mother who just simply wasn’t making ends meet with her job. So she decided to start stripping to care for her 5 children. Not knowing that the lifestyle would lead her down a path to drugs and multiple sex partner causing diseases, and an abusive man. Now the children are worse off than before. And now the mother is losing her mind and her soul all for the sake of fast cash. Is it easy to walk away from money to have a piece of mind without relapsing?

Sometimes we become addicted to the way someone has loved us in the past that we stick around even when the love we received is long gone. Somehow we put our faith in them to believe that one day they’ll come back around and love us the way they once did. So we hold on to old memories hoping for a change. And instead of letting go, We settle for a small portion of love, knowing we truly desire and deserve so much more. We lose our self worth inithe process. Or maybe that child who had faith that they’re mom would get clean from drug addiction, so they held on to the love they received many years ago hoping for the chance to feel it again. It’s so much easier to hold on than to let go. Or at least that’s what she tells herself with the faith that her mom will love her again the way she once did. Is it easier to let go or to hold on? Are we damaging ourselves by holding onto what once was and will never be again?

Sometimes, we may be addicted to pain because it’s all we’ve known in our lifetime. So it becomes our comfort zone. Not knowing that there’s a better feeling outside the 4 walls of hurt and pain. We’ve never been introduced to anything better, so our security is in the only thing that we’ve ever experienced. We’re afraid to step out and try something different due to the negative thoughts of being uncomfortable. Not knowing that being uncomfortable is exactly what we need in order to grow and overcome the only thing we have known. We become so addicted to the pain to where to pain becomes numb to us. We allow people to hurt us because we don’t know what it’s like for anyone to love us. Is it common to always being susceptible to getting hurt?

At times, we enter seasons of disappointment. And in this season no matter which way we turn, doors are constantly being slammed in our faces. Whether it’s the door of many job opportunities hoping to get a job to get on your feet again. Or if it’s the door of “so called” loved ones telling you “No” when your’re seeking help to do better. Or maybe the church home you’ve known all your life slamming the door in your face because you went astray and they no longer accepts you. How can this be if the Lord says come as you are? Or you may be addicted to calling or texting an ex who is no good for you because you’re not ready to move on. And they constantly send you to voicemail or ignore your texts. But somehow you keep getting the urge to reach out to them. It’s situations like these that causes us to never let our guards down. These are instances that cause us to not trust anyone. But we get so used to the feeling of being let down that eventually it becomes second nature to us. How do we break this repetitive cycle of this feeling?

Other times, we may become addicted to being in control. Maybe we accepted a higher position at a company that we prayed and prayed for. And the moment God blesses us, we lose our humbleness and become controlling and arrogant. We become addicted to controlling everyone and everything that we lose all humility we had before accepting the position. To the point that we forget who we are and what we stood for. To the point that nobody desires to be in our presence anymore. We lose ourselves so much that we don’t even have self control anymore. And others begin to question our authority to lead them in the right direction.Or maybe your’e controlling in your marriage or your children’s lives to the point that they despise you and become everything your’e against. Or maybe you have the controlling addiction that always want to win no matter what great lengths and sacrifices you have to take to achieve it. How do we rid ourselves of the need to always be in control?

Is it possible to become addicted to people? Like always being in their presence. Never alone. Whether it’s good company or bad. Whether they feed your energy or drain it. To avoid the feeling of loneliness. We go to clubs and gatherings just to be affiliated with others. Even those who aren’t truly for us. We even go around crowds or groups of those who makes us uncomfortable. But we want to feel accepted so bad that we try to blend in with any crowd, even those we know we don’t belong in. And soon enough we begin doing the things they do. And saying the phrases they say. All because we wanna feel accepted. And we hate the feeling of being lonely.  Or maybe we want to prove our loyalty to others. Is it true that you are who you surround yourself with? Or is it just mental? Why are we so afraid of being by ourselves? Even if it’s for our own good.

Believe it or not, we can become addicted to struggling. We’ve struggled so long that we don’t believe we can do better. We became content with our situation. We became so comfortable with being needy. We didn’t think our talents and gifts would ever get noticed, so we stopped using them. And like they say, “If you don’t use it; you lose it”. We give up on ourselves. On our hopes, dreams and aspirations we once had. We adapt to struggle and lose the fight and will power to do better. And often times, when better comes along, we pass up on it because we have found our peace in the struggle and adapted to the llifestyle. We don’t want to feel uncomfortable trying something different. We get so caught up in worrying about the worst than could happen. We look at the glass as half empty instead of half full. We’ve been in the struggle so long we began to make our homes and live in it. Why is it so hard for us to do different to better ourselves? So is this in fact an addiction?

I’ve learned many years ago that it all starts inside the mind. You must want change in order to change. No one can want it for you more than you want it for yourself. No matter what the addiction or situation is. You can break the repetitive cycle of anything if you truly put your mind to it. It requires a lot of focus, discipline, and prayer. Some may require more help than others. Some may require help from professionals and specialists. You can break any habit or start any new one in 21 consecutive days. You must take it 1 day at a time and truly be dedicated. Substitute the addiction for something positive in the meantime while taking your focus off that addiction. If you can go 1 day, then surely you can go 3 days. After 3 days try 7 days. If you can go 7 days, you can most definitely go 14 days. After 14 days, you only have 7 days left. After 21 days you won’t even have the strong urge to do that thing that was taking over your mind and your life. Now will the urge ever come back? Indeed it will. But you’ll have the power to fight it. We have all been addicted to something at least once during our lifetime. That’s why it’s not good to judge anyone because the tables could surely turn in an instance. As long as you have Strength, courage, and will power you can defeat any addictions that may come your way. Staying Focused is the Key.


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