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Seeking Revenge

Why is it that when someone wrongs us, we naturally want revenge? Is it because of the hurt, or the pain, or the abuse, or the betrayals they’ve bestowed upon us? We want them to feel the way they made us feel. We want them to suffer exactly how we did. We want them bitter exactly how we were. But what ever happened to forgiveness? Forgiveness brings us peace. When we forgive, it’s for our own good. Not for those who wronged us. Although, when we forgive, we never forget what we’ve been through or the feelings we felt. But when you truly forgive others the way God forgives us, He gives us discernment to look at our trespassers differently. Like maybe they wronged us because they were mentally unstable and broken at the moment. Or maybe they’ve been through so much in their life, that they became cold and numb to the things and the people of the world. Or maybe it’s because they were always the outcast who no one ever understood, so they were always rejected and treated differently. Or maybe it’s because they needed help within and didn’t know how to express themselves. Or maybe it’s because they lost the only person in the world who they confided in. Or maybe they divorced their longtime lover and parent to their children and they’re broken.Or maybe they were fired from a job they worked faithfully for 15 years all because they’re child was sick and they had no babysitter so they’re outraged. We have all mistreated and have been mistreated. He without sin cast the first stone. When you carry the weight of the world on your shoulders, you understand what it’s like to become mentally unstable. We understand how easy it is to get out of character for even a brief moment. We understand what it’s like to hurt a loved one unintentionally. We understand what it’s like to disappoint someone when something completely out of our control causes us to break a promise. We understand what it’s like to express our anger, even towards those who had absolutely nothing to do with the cause of our emotions. We understand what it’s like to be there for everyone and no one there for us in our time of need. We know and understand all too well what it’s like to break the hearts of a loved one in their time of need. So we know what it’s like to be on the giving end and the recieving end. And yet, we wanted forgiveness for our wrongdoings. And God won’t forgive us until we’ve forgiven our neighbors. And when you begin to build a solid relationship with God, he begins to reveal to you that the people who hurt you were more hurt and broken than they made you feel. When God reveals to you certain things about certain people, it’s not for you to talk negatively about their flaws and downfalls. But it’s because he trusts you with the information he’s provided you with to take to your prayer closet and go to war on behalf of even those who we initially desired to seek revenge upon. He gives you clarity that they also need him the same way we need him. And when God gives you an assignment, you will either be obedient or defiant. He won’t give you anything to do that isn’t for the glory of the Kingdom. All things work together for the good of those who love the Lord and are called according to his purpose! He knows that the enemy is here to kill, steal, and destroy. And the first thing he’s attacking is the “mind”. The mind ultimately controls everything. Not only does it control our thoughts and feelings, but it also controls the activity of our limbs. We can’t even scratch an itch without our brain telling the fingers where to scratch. Once the enemy gets your mind, he can control everything you do. But just because the enemy can get your mind doesn’t mean he can keep it. There is nothing God can’t restore. When someone wrongs you, take it to the Lord. Cry out humbly to the father with humility. “Vengeance is mine thus said the Lord”. No deed good or bad will go without reward or punishment. Don’t place matters into your own hands. We can live day in and day out contemplating on how we’ll get those who wronged us back. But it won’t help the situation, it’ll only hurt us more than we were before. Instead, pray a selfless prayer for them. like we needed someone to do for us at one point. Pray, Let go, and Let God do the rest. He may not give vengeance when we want, but he’ll definitely do it in his right timing. When we focus and direct our time and energy on someone whose done us wrong, we’re giving them the power. Power over our minds. it’s easier said than done. So Pray about it as often as you think about it. Redirect your attention to everything that’s going right in your life and you won’t have time to worry about what’s going wrong. Count your blessings. And you’ll see that all of your good days outweigh the bad days. Count it all joy. And remember, God’s grace is sufficient and his mercy is everlasting. There comes a time in all of our lives when we need them both.


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